B COLLECTION is a collection containing 6 limited edition pieces exclusively de-signed in homage to the heritage of the Bauhaus values that in its contem-porary adaptation, are also the values of the ByEdition brand.

Incorporating diverse references, from the artistic casting processes to the formal richness of ‘Manuelino’ style passing through the modern values
values of the Bauhaus, each piece in the collection evokes a reference name from the most important school of occidental design. The six names have in common the fact that the all the surnames begin with the letter 'b'.

The pieces take on the name of the designers, providing greater diversity to the collection and a singular customization of the pieces.

ByEdition's wish come design. Each piece has its own story; each collection its own world. In order to maintain and control the quality of production, the whole process begins in our design department.

Nothing is overlooked. Contemporary trends can inspire a piece, as historical references or ancestral manufacturing processes.
Research, conceptualization, design and production are part of a process controlled by the creative team of the brand.

The design follows a permanent research into new forms of use and consumption, new customer profiles seeking a piece of design more than a product, an object of desire made real.